The Art of Glassblowing

We’re a new hotshop in Corona, California — yes, melting glass is simply amazing, hot and… beautiful!

19 comments on “The Art of Glassblowing

  1. Kerry Richards says:

    Hello Jim, It was a pleasure meeting you at the craft fair held at Tom’s Farm today. I was so impressed with all of your work. I really enjoyed listening to your explanations of the processes you go through in creating a piece. I was also honored to be the first purchase of the day. I hope the rest of your day was successful and that you did not melt away in the hot Corona weather.

    I plan on exploring your site and I look forward to the day that I can come and watch you demo your craft.

    I am very pleased with the purchases we made today. Thanks again.

    Kerry Richards

    • Jim Campbell says:

      Thanks Kerry. It was successful although not many people braved the 111 degree heat to come out to Tom’s Farms. We look forward to our next sales day being a little cooler!

  2. osofast2 says:

    It was very nice to meet you tonight Halloween night. I was there with my mom and cousin. The one with all the strange questions? Sorry. It is a true art blowing glass. Hopefully I will get to see te finished product.

  3. Denise Anderson says:

    Ok thanks I am looking forward to see what the color ended up looking like.

  4. Stephanie Alexander Neutze says:

    I’ve only seen the glass art via my iPad
    And am certainly impressed! Would you consider selling and shipping your available work to me in Texas?
    your sister Sue (li’l sweety) referred
    You and your art to me.

    • Jim Campbell says:

      Hi Stephanie,
      Sure I could do that. Most of my glass has not been photographed. Do you have a type of piece IE vase bowl and do you have a colorGive me some Ideas and I can e-mail you some pictures.

  5. coe90 says:

    It would be appreciable if share some experience/skills. The pics are looking like you are doing hard to create innovative products with your techniques. Hope to see more articles on your products as I am glass collector, may be very useful to me.

  6. Debi Reynolds says:

    Hey Jim! This is your cousin Debi (Smith) Reynolds in Utah! I heard about your glass art in an email from Diane! Your glass is BEAUTIFUL! I also read how you got started in your quest to be an artist. It’s amazing the paths you are guided to take through inspiration! Who knew? Hope you and your family are well. Lots of love from all of us in the Smith clan!

  7. lisa says:

    HI Jim, I am interested in a class or workshop, when will you being doing any?

  8. Jacob Small says:

    Jim i want to be a glass blower when i get out of highschool and im doing my senior project on becoming one and in it i need to interview a glass blower. If you are ok with me interviewing you could you send me and email @ so i can ask you some questions ?

  9. Shameka says:

    Hi Jim,

    Do you offer glass blowing classes for middle-school children?

  10. Jim and Joy Umstead says:

    Wow, Jim. We love looking at all your creations. You have been blessed to have this second career that is so artistic. Joy asked me if you have done anything in red. Not Orange-Red but straight red.

    • Jim Campbell says:

      Hi Jim,
      Thanks for the encouragement. I wouldn’t exactly call it a career though. I don’t have anything in a straight red now. Color is expensive and I work with what I have. The stock of red I have leans to the orange spectrum

  11. Bruce Freund says:

    Jim ,here’s my contact number,call me and will arrange some time that works for both of us to have some fun!
    #949 306 3955 Bruce

  12. Jessica Guyett says:

    Hi there! I homeschool my son who is in high school and needs to fulfill his fine art requirements to graduate. He would LOVE to take a glass blowing class. Do you offer classes for hs students???
    Thank you Jessica Guyett

  13. Dieter Fuchs says:

    Blast from the past old friend, I hope the family is well…. Love your work… I’m interested in acquiring some of your art… Say hi to Susie Q … I have some old photos to send her

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